Albany appears in the episode Pilot in the prank Model Behavior where Albany meets Debby. Debby pretends to be sick. She asks Albany if she models. She asks her to do a walk. Debby is impressed. The designer comes in and Debby complains that she is sick. So she asks is Albany can do it for her. The designer wants to see if she can do it. She asks her to walk on the runway. She does it perfectly. The designer gives her a beautiful pink dress to wear. She comes out looking stunning. The designer asks her about the "The 5 Rules to Fashion". She answers 2. She puts a two floppy hats, a cape, a satchel, and a shield on Albany. She leaves briefly and Debby barfs in the satchel that the designer gave her. When she returns, she informs her that Debby is puking in the satchel. She let's her in on a secret. She prefers Albany to Debby. She wants Debby out because she doesn't feel well. She wants Albany to fire her immediately. Debby returns. The designer puts Albany on the spot and tells Debby she has something to say. She then abruptly leaves after Debby demanded her to clean the satchel.Albany tells Debby that the designer wants her in the show. Debby asks if she wants her with Debby. But Albany says she wants her instead of her. Debby gets ready for the reveal by telling that she quits. She asks Albany if she's ever been on TV because the fashion show is. Then Albany replies with a no. So Debby replies with, "If you were on a prank TV show, would you be really really happy?, ending the prank.

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