Kira first appears in the episode Pilot in the prank Something to Chew On where she hosts auditions for a bff bubblegum commercial. She again appears in the prank Model Behavior where she plays Debby's manager and asks Albany to fire Debby from hosting the fashion show. Then she appears in the prank Fake Friends where she pretends to be a reporter and interviews Mitchel and Luke. She then appears in Game Showed Up in the prank Radi-O-M-G where she interviews Zak who is voicing for Adam. Then she appears in the episode Walk the Prank in the prank Walk The Prank where she pretends to be the manager at Zendaya's familys pirate themed restaurant called Arrrrrr You Hungry

  • The only two she didn't volunteer for are Gamed Showed Up with China Anne and Pranks on My Mind with Cody


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