Luke appears in the episode Pilot in the prank Fake Friends where Mitchel goes into a restaurant where he "supposedly" runs into Luke. He asks Luke if he can fill in for Sean, his friend who was supposed to be there for an interview for a Best Friends article in a magazine. He gladly accepts. He adds a jacket, chains, and a watch that costs over $2,000. Mitchel orders 2 of everything and pays for everybody's lunch. Then Tiffany, the reporter comes and interview them. She asks questions like, "Where's your favorite Hollywood hotspots?" They finish the interview. Then Mitchel leaves. The waitress gives the check. Luke sees that it is $1,763 in total. Mitchel sees him scared out of his mind in the Command Station and feels guilty, so he goes back to help him out. But because his best friend is back, doesn't mean that Luke's in the clear. Mitchel says he forgot his wallet. They look at the check again and they see a card. Luke pulls it out and reads it. It says, "You've been pranked by a star in Disney Channel's Prank Stars", ending the prank.

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