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Mary appears in Pilot in the prank Something To Chew On where Selena Gomez puts on a disguise and pretends to be a girl named Natalie who "coincedentally" meets Mary at a fake "BFF Bubblegum" commercial. Kira, the director, then comes in and begins pairing everyone up. She pairs up Natalie and Mary. So, Natalie and Mary go over to a bench to get to know each other. About 5 minutes later, Kira teaches the BFF Bubblegum Jingle, as requested by Mitchel in the Command Station. Kira puts Natalie and Mary on the spot and makes them recite the jingle. Mary fumbles her words and so does Natalie. Kira screams at them, and Natalie mumbles something under her breath, and Kira hears her, making Mary nervous. Kira asks Mary if Natalie said something. She doesn't rat her out though. A little while later, Mitchel requests the reveal. So Kira makes Mary recite a sentence off of a cue card while Selena slips away. Before she finishes, Selena sneaks in when she says off the cue cards, "I've been pranked by a star on Disney Channel's Prank Stars.", ending the prank.

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